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The Djärv Single Surfboard BLACK OUT and The Djärv 3-4 Surfboard

Meet the world's first adjustable, compressible, rib-protected board bags. With a long-distance, multi-board case and a lightweight case for single board protection, the Djärv 3-4 Surfboard case and Djärv Single Surfboard case make getting from wherever you are to perfect surf a breeze.

db surf

innovative and easy to travel with

The Djärv 3-4 Surfboard is the larger of Db's two new models, accommodating three to four boards up to 6'6" in length. Made with Db's patented Rib Cage Technology, EVA reinforced tail and nose protection, and custom wheel housings designed to glide over curbs and thresholds, The Djärv 3-4 Surfboard is primarily composed of 100 percent recycled polyester from post-consumer waste with a water-repellent finish that gives it increased protection against wear, tear, salt water, etc. It can also Boasting Db's award-winning Hook-Up System for carrying extra luggage, the shelter is the smallest of Db's new models and is designed to carry one board.

The Djärv Single Surfboard BLACK OUT boasts many of the same essential design features as The Djärv 3-4 Surfboard, including a strong, long-life, non-corrosive zipper and a dual-density foam nose section for high-impact protection. The shelter can be adjusted in length from 5'3" to 6'4" to accommodate different table lengths, and both models are foldable and collapsible for easy storage when not in use.