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Sunglasses from RETROSUPERFUTURE were first introduced in Italy in 2007 by Daniel Beckerman when the company was founded. RETROSUPERFUTURE has become very popular for their eclectic collection of colorful acetate sunglasses. Based on a classic, pure silhouette, RETROSUPERFUTURE has gradually built up its impressive collection, which currently consists of a large number of timeless but groundbreaking shapes.

Since its inception, RETROSUPERFUTURE's goal has been to develop high quality sunglasses, with a distinctive design at an affordable price. 100% handmade in Italy, RETROSUPERFUTURE eyewear is produced by some of the world's best eyewear manufacturers, known for their experiments with new production techniques, finishes, materials and details. By teaming up with exclusive companies like the German ZEISS, RETROSUPERFUTURE has added a layer of quality eye protection to the sunglasses. Signature RETROSUPERFUTURE acetate is made from natural materials such as wood pulp and / or cotton powder.


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RETROSUPERFUTURE founded in 2007 in Milan are handmade Italian glasses, in designs that range widely with an eternal belief in being unique, trendy and in high quality. RETROSUPERFUTURE has, among other things, launched co-labs with Gosha Rubchinskiy, Colette and Pigalle to constantly challenge its design line. In addition, RETROSUPERFUTURE has the license to produce sunglasses for some of the biggest fashion brands in recent times, including Marni. In Packyard, we have a fantastic collaboration with the manufacturer of RETROSUPERFUTURE, and we can therefore guarantee a timeless and large selection as well as a complete selection of the latest models. Do we not have the specific model or color you are looking for? Then send us an email at, and we will be happy to make our best attempt to get it home to you. All sunglasses from Retrosuperfuture are UV approved.