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Silvertech from OrganicBasics

Organicbasic also has a line called Silvertech where they use real silver which is spun into the organic cotton. Here, Organicbasic uses two types of technology in their Silvertech collection that get the maximum out of the product. Flexsil™ is used in the socks, which is a highly effective and odorless antimicrobial that either kills bacteria or stops them from growing. This means that Organicbasic's Silvertech line approx. Kills 99.9% of all bacteria and that they will not smell of sweat, etc. In the Boxer briefs, Organicbasic uses another technology called Frescura™ that defines the protection where the focus is on human safety and environmental safety, which means that the products are completely unique and safe. With the two technologies, the users of Organicbasic Silvertech socks and boxers get a product that has an antibacterial and a heat regulating technology in it without having to worry about silver allergies.