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Menswear, streetwear and technical qualities

At Packyard, we have a background in extreme sports. That is why we focus on the technical functions of the clothes. Take, for example, a brand like Halo, which is a fashion line from the well-known Newline. Newline has supplied clothing to the military. Here you often find some details that actually have a function. Also The North Face modern men's clothing with an eye for the technical partial waists. So that it doesn't all have to be technical, we spice up our collection with streetwear brands such as Stüssy and 40s and shorties. Stüssy has been making streetwear since the 80s. Stüssy often has printed t-shirts with artworks from street culture. At Packyard, we try to have a bit of everything, so of course it is also possible to find trousers, jackets and accessories.