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ActivePack - sportswear with an urban look

In Packyard's sports universe 'ActivePack', the shop's most functional sportswear, sneakers, bags, headphones and other accessories are presented.

The people behind Packyard have a background as professional sportsmen and ever since 2015, when Packyard opened its doors for the first time, sports and active lifestyles have been a pervasive part of Packyard's DNA and selection of goods. We're not just talking about athleisure, where design weighs more heavily than functionality. But a strong personal need for the products that Packyard offers can perform optimally when the body has to give its maximum and the heart rate really rises. So with a strong focus on sportswear in materials that promote freedom of movement, and at the same time are breathable and sweat-wicking as well as water and windproof, we continuously select products which, with an urban expression and design, are suitable for everything from hardcore OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) and crossfit for a short run, a trip to the gym or down to the local basketball court.

Activepack has sportswear for crossfit, OCR, basketball, running shorts etc

Sportswear is not just sportswear

We make high demands on our sportswear and it must suit the sport we play. Whether it's clothes for fitness, sports clothes for running, clothes for crossfit, clothes for OCR, sports clothes for boxing, clothes for MMA or clothes for basketball. In Packyards ActivePack you will find a handpicked selection of sportswear in the form of short running shorts, long shorts for e.g. basketball and mountain biking, breathable and windproof running jackets, running hats, shoes for Crossfit and fitness. In this category you will also find water-resistant sports bags with a special compartment for damp sports clothes and sweat-wicking headphones from Danish and internationally established brands. In the form of Zanerobe REC, New Balance, Newline Halo, Soulland, 66 North, Douchebags, JBL and Under Amour, which not only have the functional 100% in place, but also have a well-designed, urban and sometimes artistic expression.

Zanerobe REC

Zanerobe REC - breathable and sweat-wicking sportswear for fitness, crossfit, basketball etc