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How are my sneakers getting clean again? The answer is simple: A sneaker cleaning kit from Jason Markk does the job. There are a number of different brands that produce clean products for sneakers, but when it comes to what is best, we would definitely recommend Jason Markk, who is also the world’s most used product when it comes to the maintenance of sneakers. Jason Markk has a number of products, all of which have their own function. If your sneakers has become dirty, use the “Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit”, which consists of an all-round brush and soap. Depending on the material, you can buy brushes in different hardnesses. If you need to clean suede shoes, we recommend the “Suede Cleaning Kit”, which consists of a specially rubber block and a suede brush. The rubber is used to remove marks where the corresponding suede brush then causes the hair in the suede to rise again.