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Large selection of men's trousers

At Packyard we have a wide selection of trousers. Find, among other things, Sharpshot chino trousers from Zanerobe, or how about a pair of Beach Pants from Stüssy. No two people are the same, and the same can eventually be said about trousers. Pants come in all fits and shades. If you are into the relaxed look, you should check out the Light Beach Pant from Stüssy. It has a regular fit, which is characterized by going straight up and down. If you are into the slimmer look, you should look towards Zanerobe's Sharpshot. Of course, we also have a couple for you that are right in the middle. Here we suggest cropshot chinos from Zanerobe which have room for the thighs and at the same time enter at the foot. It gives a relaxed and narrow look.