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In Packyard we have a slightly different background than those who typically go into retail and fashion in general. Our background is the great outdoors and a sports community that consist of old professional athletes on skis and snowboards. And this sport is just as much a fashion sport, where it is some underground forces within “snow” that define the style. At the same time, we know a lot about and have a great fondness for functionality, which we would also call “tech”. It’s about the products being as good as they look. This is very much reflected in our range, which is a fusion between sports, outdoor and fashion. So the store is quite unique in that it is the function that is the core. A good example of this is the brands we have such as HALO, North Face, Douchebags and plenty of others. We have a brand mix that varies from tech to streetwear, which is very much the style you work with in the environment we come from. So we move around in this “middle category” – which is a very wide area, but most importantly that we still maintain functionality as our background. You simply cannot ski at minus 30 degrees, in something that’s not functional. Even if you are into rock style and wearing jeans, you have to have a membrane in it. It will have to have a functional value. This is where our brand mix can do stands out, and where we differ from other stores’ assortments.