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Shoe Care

How do I clean my sneakers?

The answer is simple: A cleaning kit from Jason Markk. There is a sea of ​​different brands that produce cleaning products for sneakers. When it comes to what is best, we would definitely recommend Jason Markk, which is also the world's most used product when it comes to maintaining sneakers. Jason Markk here a number of products in the range, each of which has its own function. If your sneakers have become dirty, use the "Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit", which consists of an all-round brush and soap. Depending on the material, you can buy brushes in different hardnesses. If you need to clean suede shoes, we recommend the "Suede Cleaning Kit", which consists of a specially developed rubber block and a suede brush. The rubber is used to remove marks, where the corresponding suede brush afterwards makes sure that the hairs in the suede stand up again.

Having trouble keeping your shoes clean when you're drunk as a dock worker at your local disco? Or if you are generally just good at sprinkling your white sneakers, we always recommend Jason Markk Repel spray. The Repel spray provides a thin layer of nano protection on your sneakers. After application, the shoes must dry, and whatever dirt, grime and liquid there may be will simply slide off due to the nano protection.