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Sneakers for men since 1892

In 1892, the US Rubber Company introduced the first rubber shoes which quickly resulted in an increase in the demand and production of men's sneakers. And already in 1907, the first basketball shoes, designed by Spalding, saw the light of day. The sneaker market got a huge push after the First World War, when sports and athletics increasingly became a way to show high morals and patriotism.

In the interwar period, men's sneakers began to be seriously marketed in connection with a wide range of sports and the Olympics became the springboard for versatile designs and colorways to be put into production for everyday use by both men and women. In 1936, the French brand, Spring Court, launched a revolutionary sneaker in the form of a canvas tennis shoe with eight ventilation channels on a vulcanized natural rubber sole and it set the standard for the men's sneakers you find in Packyard today.