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Elmer By Swany

Elmer By Swany was originally created in the late 1800's when the glove maker Elmer moved to Gloversville in the USA and created his own company "Elmer Little & Sons" which subsequently became a great success and later became one of the most successful glove companies in the USA and was always known for making high quality gloves for many years to come. Later they were acquired by the Japanese company Swany which has built on the tradition and the craft that goes into making a pair of gloves and merging it with the Japanese aesthetic and sense of fashion

When some of the first Europeans came to the United States and settled in the area around Gloversville & Jonestown, they learned to tan deer skins from the Indians which resulted in high quality leather being produced and becoming a gathering place for leather craftsmen who came from the British Isles. and the area around the two cities also ended up housing more than 200 leather manufacturers such as. Elmer