At Packyard, we always look forward to Christmas. That's why we've put together a page with inspiration for your Christmas gift wishes - as well as ideas for the Christmas gift for him who is always hard to find gifts for. You will both find the big, delicious Christmas present that he has always wanted, as well as the little extra gift that you always need to bring.

All relevant information about Christmas

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Never Stop Exploring

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What the staff wants for christmas

In the slider you will find the Christmas gift wishes selected by the Packyards staff, based on which gift we ourselves want!

Find the gift based on price

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to find your Christmas presents, therefore we have set up some different price groups, (55€) is everything up to 55€ (107€) is between 55€ and 107€ (160€ ) is everything between 107€ and 160€. It should provide a nice overview when you have to keep track of your Christmas budget.

Gift ideas under 55€

Gift ideas between 55 til 107€

Giftideas between 107 and 160€

The gift you hadn't thought of

How about a new pair of sneakers?

At Packyard you will find a sea of ​​sneakers in different variants and colors. Below we have given some good suggestions for sneakers for all types.

See all sneakers here!

Buy a gift based on the type of person

What type of person do you buy gifts for? At Packyard, we make a lot of effort to create a universe, which is why we have put together three different universes that could provide inspiration for the Christmas gift - ActivePack, OutdoorPack and SnowPack

Outdoor Gear for the trip in the forest

We love spending our free time in nature, which is why you will always find a great selection of products and gear suitable for bringing along on the shelter trip. Find brands such as Yeti, Nalgene, Snow Peak, Helinox and more.

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