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Accessories for bags

Active Pack

buy sportswear from great brands

ActivePack - sportswear with an urban look

In Packyard's sports universe 'ActivePack', the shop's most functional sportswear, sneakers, bags, headphones and other accessories are presented.

The people behind Packyard have a background as professional sportsmen and ever since 2015, when Packyard opened its doors for the first time, sports and active lifestyles have been a pervasive part of Packyard's DNA and selection of goods. We're not just talking about athleisure, where design weighs more heavily than functionality. But a strong personal need for the products that Packyard offers can perform optimally when the body has to give its maximum and the heart rate really rises. So with a strong focus on sportswear in materials that promote freedom of movement, and at the same time are breathable and sweat-wicking as well as water and windproof, we continuously select products which, with an urban expression and design, are suitable for everything from hardcore OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) and crossfit for a short run, a trip to the gym or down to the local basketball court.

Activepack has sportswear for crossfit, OCR, basketball, running shorts etc

Sportswear is not just sportswear

We make high demands on our sportswear and it must suit the sport we play. Whether it's clothes for fitness, sports clothes for running, clothes for crossfit, clothes for OCR, sports clothes for boxing, clothes for MMA or clothes for basketball. In Packyards ActivePack you will find a handpicked selection of sportswear in the form of short running shorts, long shorts for e.g. basketball and mountain biking, breathable and windproof running jackets, running hats, shoes for Crossfit and fitness. In this category you will also find water-resistant sports bags with a special compartment for damp sports clothes and sweat-wicking headphones from Danish and internationally established brands. In the form of Zanerobe REC, New Balance, Newline Halo, Soulland, 66 North, Douchebags, JBL and Under Amour, which not only have the functional 100% in place, but also have a well-designed, urban and sometimes artistic expression.

Zanerobe REC

Zanerobe REC - breathable and sweat-wicking sportswear for fitness, crossfit, basketball etc

adidas Originals_py_dk

adidas Originals

Since that day the founder of adidas – Adi Dassler – made his first canvas shoe for runners in 1920, he had three guiding principles for his development work: to produce the best sports shoes on the market, to prevent athletes from injury and to create a durable product. Since then, adidas has evolved into a complete sports brand that, with the above three principles, designs and produces premium shoes that are “best in class” in both sports and lifestyle. On this page you will find the best in the adidas Originals category, which is the department of adidas dedicated to lifestyle, fashion and heritage as well as home to many of adidas’ collaborations with fashion designers, celebrities and cultural personalities. At Packyard we work continuously with a handpicked and exclusive assortment of sneakers from adidas Originals – both for women and men. Then you are looking for the latest sneaker releases from adidas Originals in the form of Yung-1, Nite Jogger, Campus, Supercourt, Stan Smith, Superstar, Gazelle, Falcon and more. You can check in both here in the webshop and in our physical universe at Elmegade (Nørrebro, Copenhagen)
adidas Originals Ozweego Glow Green Black Solar Yellow sneakers

adidas Originals Ozweego

Adidas Originals - Ozweego

Ozweego is inspired by the running shoe from 1998 - Ozweego mixes 90s sneakers with a futuristic look and is the perfect sneaker in a mix of mesh, suede. Adidas Ozweego is the perfect sneaker both for the "street" and can also be used for a "prettier" outfit. The Ozweego is made with an Adiprene absorption for both the forefoot and heel and has an EVA midsole. The iconic lace closure is a take on the laces from the running shoes from 1998, and the colorful "tube" with ozweego print on it gives the shoe a different look. All this stands on a fat rubber sole

adidas originals - Ozweego sneakers

Colorful Standard Classic Organic Tee Optical White t-shirts

All clothes

Menswear, streetwear and technical qualities

At Packyard, we have a background in extreme sports. That is why we focus on the technical functions of the clothes. Take, for example, a brand like Halo, which is a fashion line from the well-known Newline. Newline has supplied clothing to the military. Here you often find some details that actually have a function. Also The North Face modern men's clothing with an eye for the technical partial waists. So that it doesn't all have to be technical, we spice up our collection with streetwear brands such as Stüssy and 40s and shorties. Stüssy has been making streetwear since the 80s. Stüssy often has printed t-shirts with artworks from street culture. At Packyard, we try to have a bit of everything, so of course it is also possible to find trousers, jackets and accessories.

Aviator solbriller_py_dk

Aviator sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses originate from the US military and were frequently used by pilots in the air force. Just think of Tom Cruise in the movie Top-Gun. Aviator sunglasses usually come with a drop-shaped lens and metal frame. Below we have collected all our sunglasses from Retro superfuture and Komono in the classic Aviator design.



The story of Barbour began in 1894 in the Market Square in South Shields. Today the company is still family owned and headquartered in Simonside, South Shields. Although we source our products from all over the world, some of Barbour's classic wax coats are still made and repaired by hand at the factory in Simonside.

Barbour now has stores in over 55 countries worldwide, including the UK, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, New Zealand and Japan. Collections include clothing for men, women, children and now dogs too! In addition to Barbour's original focus on country fashion, today we produce clothing for a complete wardrobe for your lifestyle. In addition to jackets and coats, the Barbour wardrobe also includes shirts, dresses, knitwear, shoes, accessories and much more.

Barbour holds true to its core values ​​as a family business that celebrates the unique values ​​of the British countryside and brings a combination of wit, strength and glamor to our beautifully functional clothing.





Whether you're camping, hiking or just enjoying nature, with our outdoor barista products you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee anywhere. We have everything you need, including a light and packable coffee grinder and kettle, so you can make the perfect cup wherever you are.

Belt bags

Douchebags The Road Bike Adaptor Black Tasker Cykel

Bike bags from Db

The ultimate bike bag and accessories

The bike bag is the newest sport-focused bag in Db's well-stocked bag program and is without comparison the market's safest, tastiest and most versatile bike bag. The bike bag is designed in Db's usual streamlined style and fits all types of mountain bikes from freestyle bikes and classic forest bikes to downhill bikes and other oversized iron horses. With the accompanying adapter for road bikes, the bike bag can also be adapted to all types of road bikes with curved, removable handlebars. The length of the bike bag even fits larger wheel dimensions - up to 130cm.

"In short, this is the bike bag above them all!"

Bike bag that is easy to travel with

It is always nice to have your own bike on your cycling trip and in recent years it has become more and more popular to take your own bike on holiday. And with Db's light and well-tested bike bag and a little research about the rules before booking the trip, you can easily and conveniently take the bike with you on your next cycling adventure.

Tips for traveling with a bike bag

Most airlines require the bike to be packed in a bike bag. Buy a durable bike bag so you can use it several times and for many years. Be careful when packing the bike so that it is as well protected as possible.

Most airlines allow bicycle bags on board. However, read the airline's rules carefully before booking the ticket to ensure that your bike bag is welcome on board. Some airlines include the bike bag in your check-in luggage, while others impose a fee of €40 - €100.

Billboard SUP_py_dk

Billboard SUP

Danish design - born on the Thames

The team behind Billboard SUP, the two Danish designers and outdoor enthusiasts, Søren and Kira Strange, have for a number of years lived in London with the Thames in their backyard. The Thames is a river with strong currents and sharp, erratic waves, and Søren and Kira searched in vain for an inflatable SUP board that could handle the wild nature of the Thames. The stable SUP boards they tested were too slow and the fast SUP boards were too unstable. A SUP board that could handle the messy and intense conditions they experienced on the Thames was necessary, and so the two designers set about creating the ultimate SUP, and after many hours at the drawing board and just as many tests on the Thames later, saw the first Billboard SUP the light of the day. At Packyard, we are proud to be one of the few shops selected to curate Søren and Kira's newest take on the inflatable SUP tribe, and we can hereby present the Billboard SUP Heron 4 Meter which is the new and improved version 2 - the market's most well-thought-out and best inflatable SUP board.

The ultimate Stand Up Paddle Board for all levels

Billboard SUP H4 is so stable that it gives green city dwellers enough confidence to take to the water, and it is at the same time so fast and packed with high-quality features that it lives up to the strict demands that professional explorers and sportsmen demand of its equipment. The Billboard SUP H4 is a fast and stable high performance expedition SUP board designed to take on adventures far beyond the limits of the urban environment.

inflatable sup pack in carbon


Black Crows Firmo Carbon Skistave Snow

Black Crows

Black Crows ski freeride

Black Crows

Black Crows is an independent French freeski brand from the iconic mountain town of Chamonix.

In 2006, pro freeskiers Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet founded Black Crows with a burning desire to develop a ski brand where beauty and functionality should merge into a higher unity. The two ski connoisseurs are obsessively design-driven and uncompromising when it comes to the performance of their products. And we can hereby present Black Crows, which can only be described as the ultimate line-up of all-mountain, freeride, touring and randonee skis with well-thought-out and stylish ski clothing and accessories.

Blac Crows, the vision of the perfect freeride ski

Black Crow's story revolves primarily around a group of friends consisting of passionate skiers who are determined to fulfill their ambitions and who are not afraid to challenge the norm. The winter of 2005 is a decisive period for Black Crow's founder Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet, two professional skiers from France, as it is here that the two friends decide to make the dream of a ski, which is the antithesis of the selection of freeride skis that was find on the ski market, to reality. Their vision was a freeride ski that combined a construction that was large and stable enough to hijack skiing at high speeds with a shape that was agile and fast in connection with sudden changes of direction. From this idea arose the ski market's most beautiful and well-thought-out line of all-mountain and off-piste skis. A line of freeride skis designed by freeskiers - for freeskiers.

Here is the story of Camille Jaccoux and Bruno Compagnet's vision with the Black Crows


Caps & Bucket Hats-packyard

Caps & Bucket hats

On this page you will find a strong selection of caps from brands such as Snow Peak, The North Face and Stussy. The cap comes in several different shapes. 5-panel, 6-panel, flatcaps and snapbacks. We have it all at Packyard. Almost all caps you find on this page have snapbacks, which means they are easy to adjust to your head. Therefore, all caps are also one-size. In addition to caps, you will also occasionally find bucket hats. Or bully hats as they are also referred to. Headwear is perfect for those days when your hair isn't quite set, or when you're too busy to throw a dab of wax in your hair. All caps and bucket hats help make the outfit look more relaxed. For example, combine the wedding outfit with a cap or bucket hat, for a more sporty and raw look.

Cargo Pant - Navy-Taikan-Packyard DK

Cargo Pant - Taikan

Carpenter Pant - Black-Taikan-Packyard DK

Carpenter Pant - Taikan

Casual Pack

In our Casual Pack, we try to put together a universe of sets and accessories for the man who wants to look good at work, for meetings and at the same time not have to think about going home and changing clothes after a long day at work. Some of the brands that would be featured here are brands like Uniform Bridge, Norse Project, Stan Ray & Hemen Biarittz.

Cat-eye solbriller_py_dk

Cat-eye sunglasses

In the past few years, sunglasses have become more and more common people's property. This also means more variations, more brands, etc. One type of glasses that is extremely popular among girls is what we call Cat-Eye sunglasses. Cat-eye style sunglasses are, as the name suggests, sunglasses that are designed like cat eyes. Below you will find our selection of cat-eye sunglasses from Super by Retrosuperfuture

Chiller Pant - Forest Green-Taikan-Packyard DK

Chiller Pant - Taikan

Colorful Standard Classic Organic Tee Optical White t-shirts

Christmas Basics

Colorful Standard Classic Organic Tee Optical White t-shirts

Clerk API

Colorful Standard Classic Organic Tee Optical White t-shirts

Clerk API

Collaboration Solbriller_py_dk

Collaboration Sunglasses

Colorful Standard_py_dk

Colorful Standard


Colorful Standard is a Danish basic t-shirt and sweatshirt brand. Colorful Standard uses 100% organic cotton. All Colorful Standard t-shirts are pre-washed when they leave the factory, which means that over time – wash after wash, Colorful Standard’s t-shirt and sweatshirts still keep fit and at won’t shrink after wash.
Colorful Standard Classic Organic Tee Burned Orange t-shirts

Colorful standard T-shirts

The Världsvan 16" Laptop sleeve - Gneiss-bags computer-Db (Formerly Douchebags)-pydk

Computer bags from douchebags

Karhu Aria Capulet Olive Mango sneakers

Cross Country Skiing by Karhu

Karhu Cross Country sneaker pack

Karhu Cross Country Ski Pack

1916 Karhu skis were one of the first to be produced in the center of Helsinki, birch was made into winter means of transport and was used by everything from the Finnish military to world champion Harri Kirvesniemi, who is part of the Karhu family and helped create Karhu as fire. To celebrate that connection, Karhu has created "The Cross-Country Ski Pack". This limited release from Karhu contains three colorful Karhu Fusion 2.0 which bring back memories of cross-country ski designs in the 90s and 00s. Karhu Fusion 2.0 is made in a mix of suede and soft nylon mesh and is in good contrast to the colorful leather.

Karhu History

Karhu (which means bear in Finnish) is a Finnish sneaker brand that has been making running and outdoor gear for over 100 years. With Karhu's deep heritage in athletics and their connection to nature, Karhu always follows the Scandinavian principles of simple and aesthetic design. Karhu has ensured that some of Finland's greatest runners have always had a pair of Karhu shoes such as Paavo Nurmi and five Boston Marathon winners.

Daily Paper


Daily Paper was founded in 2010 in Amsterdam. Inspired by the founder’s own African heritage and passion for contemporary fashion, the Daily Paper has a unique, colorful and exclusive look that makes the Daily Paper an exciting feature in the man’s wardrobe. The Daily Paper draws striking notes from various African cultures – see for example the Daily Paper Football 6 Jersey which seriously draws the sparkling Africa into the gray color palette of the village.


<p>For almost a hundred years, Danner has been making boots with meaning and integrity. Danner boots are made to be used - as strange as it may sound. the creator of Danner was Charles Danner who moved west to Portland to make the best boots for lumberjacks who here almost a hundred years later still mean boots in a quality that can not be worn up. At Packyard we move into Danner's Portland Select collection - a collection which is made in the USA and is made as Danner himself says "the mother explorer" the boots are made in a premium leather quality, gore-tex lining material, and a solid Vibram sole</p>


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Db (Formerly Douchebags)

In 2009 the two founders of Db, the norwegian product designer Truls Brataas and swedish skiing icon Jon Olsson met randomly on a surf trip, they agreed that the ski equipment you could weren’t up to standard. So they decide to create a collection of luggage and bags that would make life easier when traveling, after hours and hours of testing Db were born. – they came up with “The Douchebag” a ski bag and the backpack “The Hugger” and later on iconic models as The Little Bastard and The Big Bastard together with The Backpack

The CIA Camera Insert Black-bags accessories-Db (Formerly Douchebags)-pydk

Db - Accessories

Computer bags, Toilet cases etc. from Db

Are you looking for the best bag for your laptop? Then you have clicked to the right place. Db is known for combining stylish Scandinavian design with functional and durable details and materials, and when it comes to computer bags, emphasis is placed on precisely these qualities. In Db's selection of computer bags, you will find a hard case version and a laptop sleeve in PU leather. Both versions feature Douchebag's patented Hook Up system and come in sizes to match 13" and 15". With computer bags like these, you future-proof your laptop against bumps, dents and scratches.

We have collected four beautiful and functional computer sleeves and computer bags for your laptop. Enjoy!

The Ænywear Hoodie-Db (Formerly Douchebags)-Packyard DK

Db Journey Anywear Essential

The Ramverk M Camera insert - Black Out-Db (Formerly Douchebags)-Packyard DK

Db Sale


Db Surf

Meet the world's first adjustable, compressible, ribbed boardbags. With a long-distance, multiboard "coffin" as well as a lightweight bag to protect a single board, the Djärv 3-4 Surfboard Coffin and Djärv Single Surfboardbag make getting from wherever you are to perfect surf a breeze.

The two models - The Djärv Single Surfboard BLACK OUT and The Djärv 3-4 Surfboard - continue Db's mission to couple aggressive innovation with careful design to redefine travel equipment. Founded in 2012 in Norway, Db has been praised worldwide by design experts and athletes for its collection of luggage and roller snowboard and ski bags. The introduction of Db's new surf marks an ambitious next step after years of development to create perfect surfboard bags.

The Djärv Single Surfboard BLACK OUT and The Djärv 3-4 Surfboard

Meet the world's first adjustable, compressible, rib-protected board bags. With a long-distance, multi-board case and a lightweight case for single board protection, the Djärv 3-4 Surfboard case and Djärv Single Surfboard case make getting from wherever you are to perfect surf a breeze.

db surf

innovative and easy to travel with

The Djärv 3-4 Surfboard is the larger of Db's two new models, accommodating three to four boards up to 6'6" in length. Made with Db's patented Rib Cage Technology, EVA reinforced tail and nose protection, and custom wheel housings designed to glide over curbs and thresholds, The Djärv 3-4 Surfboard is primarily composed of 100 percent recycled polyester from post-consumer waste with a water-repellent finish that gives it increased protection against wear, tear, salt water, etc. It can also Boasting Db's award-winning Hook-Up System for carrying extra luggage, the shelter is the smallest of Db's new models and is designed to carry one board.

The Djärv Single Surfboard BLACK OUT boasts many of the same essential design features as The Djärv 3-4 Surfboard, including a strong, long-life, non-corrosive zipper and a dual-density foam nose section for high-impact protection. The shelter can be adjusted in length from 5'3" to 6'4" to accommodate different table lengths, and both models are foldable and collapsible for easy storage when not in use.

Db x Benjamin Ortega


The third and final Db x Benjamin Ortega collection is now available. With 30% less CO2e, this line has fully recycled materials, so you can make your favorite bag with a good eco-friendly conscience! Db x Benjamin Ortega is the evolution of travel and everyday bags. By questioning their own features and removing those that weren't good enough, they've created a range of bags designed to be durable, practical and stylish. With solutions that do not compromise on quality.

Db x Marcus Kleveland-packyard

Db x Marcus Kleveland

For all people, there is no place like home. For Marcus Kleveland, the home is Dombås: 334 km north of Oslo, 464 km east of Bergen and 196 km south of Trondheim. Maybe you have not heard of it, maybe you have not even heard of Marcus. None of them would bother him, and that says more about Marcus than anything else. Power 30L Backpack Kleveland Edition is an ode to subtlety and the roots that make you who you are.

who is Marcus Kleveland?

when you ask snowboarders about Marcus Kleveland, originality is the most consistent praise he gets. He's a pioneer. Gifted with the ability to look past what has been done and focus on what is possible (plus a trampoline to practice spins and flips), Marcus achieved more before he was 20 than most professionals dream of throughout their careers, including an X-Games gold thanks to a first Quad Cork ever in competition. His creativity in the form of never-ending and viral butter tricks has made him one of the most imitated snowboarders in the world. And we get the feeling that he has only just begun.

douchebags x marcus kleveland

Db Strøm 30L

The collaboration between Db and Marcus Kleveland builds The Strøm 30L model and has been modified to give it that Kleveland look and feel. The material is made of waxed fabric as is well known from The Gneiss Edition, and has been sprinkled with black and white details to make it stand out. You will find the top pocket covered with (soft) velcro for the patches to be attached to.

"The Patches"

The velcro-lined top pocket is a canvas so you can place the patches as you like them. What's on them? Oh, just the places and things that have made Marcus the snowboarder he is today.

  • Knuckle Huck - Tricket perfektioneret af Marcus.
  • Påmfri - Local slang for french fries, with reference to the fries served at the local ski resort.
  • Knuckle Huck - The trick perfected by Marcus.
  • Laussjogg - Dombås slang for pillows snow.
  • Bukser-packyard


    Large selection of men's trousers

    At Packyard we have a wide selection of trousers. Find, among other things, Sharpshot chino trousers from Zanerobe, or how about a pair of Beach Pants from Stüssy. No two people are the same, and the same can eventually be said about trousers. Pants come in all fits and shades. If you are into the relaxed look, you should check out the Light Beach Pant from Stüssy. It has a regular fit, which is characterized by going straight up and down. If you are into the slimmer look, you should look towards Zanerobe's Sharpshot. Of course, we also have a couple for you that are right in the middle. Here we suggest cropshot chinos from Zanerobe which have room for the thighs and at the same time enter at the foot. It gives a relaxed and narrow look.


    Women's Casual shoes

    Dame Sneakers-packyard

    Women's Sneakers

    At Packyard, we have a large selection of sneakers for girls from brands like New Balance, where models like the 991 and 990 are big hits. In addition, we have brands such as Karhu, where it is especially models such as Fusion 2.0 and Aria that are a big hit. adidas Orginals are always classics where especially, and many more.