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66 North

66 North

66 North Outdoor with Style

66 ° North is the iconic Icelandic outdoor brand that has existed since 1926, with roots in work items that protect Icelanders from the elements with technical and durable jackets. And this is how the company puts it in the literature: "Today there are many outdoor brands on the market these days, but you will not find a brand with such a strong connection to a country and its culture and lifestyle as ours."

The CIA Camera Insert Black from Douchebags | Tasker Diverse | Packyard

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adidas Originals

adidas Originals

Since that day the founder of adidas – Adi Dassler – made his first canvas shoe for runners in 1920, he had three guiding principles for his development work: to produce the best sports shoes on the market, to prevent athletes from injury and to create a durable product. Since then, adidas has evolved into a complete sports brand that, with the above three principles, designs and produces premium shoes that are “best in class” in both sports and lifestyle. On this page you will find the best in the adidas Originals category, which is the department of adidas dedicated to lifestyle, fashion and heritage as well as home to many of adidas’ collaborations with fashion designers, celebrities and cultural personalities. At Packyard we work continuously with a handpicked and exclusive assortment of sneakers from adidas Originals – both for women and men. Then you are looking for the latest sneaker releases from adidas Originals in the form of Yung-1, Nite Jogger, Campus, Supercourt, Stan Smith, Superstar, Gazelle, Falcon and more. You can check in both here in the webshop and in our physical universe at Elmegade (Nørrebro, Copenhagen)

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The Savage Bike Bag Black from Douchebags | Tasker Cykel | Packyard

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Light Weight Shoulder Bag Gold from Stussy | Tilbehør | Packyard


Gauze Cotton Big Logo Bucket Mauve-caps & bucket hats-Packyard EU

Caps & Bucket hats

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Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard


Colorful Standard is a Danish basic t-shirt and sweatshirt brand. Colorful Standard uses 100% organic cotton. All Colorful Standard t-shirts are pre-washed when they leave the factory, which means that over time – wash after wash, Colorful Standard’s t-shirt and sweatshirts still keep fit and at won’t shrink after wash.
Classic Organic Tee Honey Beige-t-shirts-Packyard EU

Colorful standard T-shirts

The Hacker Laptop Case 13 Black from Douchebags | Tasker Computer | Packyard

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Flint Socks White from Daily Paper | socks | Packyard

Daily Paper


Daily Paper was founded in 2010 in Amsterdam. Inspired by the founder’s own African heritage and passion for contemporary fashion, the Daily Paper has a unique, colorful and exclusive look that makes the Daily Paper an exciting feature in the man’s wardrobe. The Daily Paper draws striking notes from various African cultures – see for example the Daily Paper Football 6 Jersey which seriously draws the sparkling Africa into the gray color palette of the village.


<p>For almost a hundred years, Danner has been making boots with meaning and integrity. Danner boots are made to be used - as strange as it may sound. the creator of Danner was Charles Danner who moved west to Portland to make the best boots for lumberjacks who here almost a hundred years later still mean boots in a quality that can not be worn up. At Packyard we move into Danner's Portland Select collection - a collection which is made in the USA and is made as Danner himself says "the mother explorer" the boots are made in a premium leather quality, gore-tex lining material, and a solid Vibram sole</p>


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Db (Formerly Douchebags)

Db (Formerly Douchebags)

Denali Fleece

Denali Fleece

In 1988, The North Face introduced the iconic fleece jacket Denali for the first time. Pretty much ever since, Denali fleece has been featured in the annual collections from The North Face. The jacket was initially used as a mid-layer fleece that could be zipped together with the Mountain Jacket from The North Face, which is also an iconic jacket that can be found in the collection at The North Face.


For a number of years, the Denali jacket was often found in various vintage stores around the world, where it was a gold group for store owners. It also emphasizes that the quality of the Denali jackets is remarkable. The Denali products, which this year consist of both vests, jackets and trousers, have become greener. They are produced from 100% recyclable material.

Denali-hikers the north face
Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina


In 2006, Deus Ex Machina, for the first time, roared into the consciousness of Australians with beautiful hand-built motorcycles and surfboards as well as a philosophy that takes us back to the era before café racers, surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding were exploited commercially and marketed to fundamentalist factions. Everyone is welcomed under the roof of Deus, where there is respect for honesty, spaciousness, authenticity and enthusiasm. It’s a simple and sincere pitch that has today made Deus Ex Machina relevant in every little spot – from the streets of Nørrebro to the roaring waves of Bali. 
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