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Douchbags hookup system. sammensatte tasker fra 

Hook-up system from Douchebags

One of the coolest things about Douchebags is their patented hook-up system where you can assemble your bags. This ensures that you can move the weight from the shoulders and run it on wheels instead. The powerful G-buckles make it easy to assemble your bags with any of the larger Douchebag travel bags with wheels.

Bring more and carry less

You know the situation where you stand at the station and have to hurry into the train with too much luggage. On the go, you drop one bag and the train is about to run for your nose. Luckily you make it, but now you are completely sweaty after the fight and the hassle of luggage. You can easily avoid this with the smart hook-up system from Douchebags. Put the luggage together so that it is super easy to move around with. You avoid the hassle of having to carry too many bags, and you can instead enjoy the convenience of pulling just a single bag.

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Sammensæt tasker fra douchbags, med det patenterede hookup system

Patented hookup system

Douchebags aim to redefine how we travel. The patented hook-up system is a big part of achieving this, and the important thing is that all backpacks can be easily assembled with the larger travel bags - both the ski bag The Douchebag and the suitcases Little Bastard and Big Bastard. The smallest backpack The Base can even be assembled with the hand luggage suitcase The Aviator.

Assemble bags across models

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Douchbags hookup system, sammensæt dine tasker fra douchebags