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Deus Ex machina

Douchebags is a project of passion, heart, and soul. The Swedish skier Jon Olsson and the Norwegian product engineer Truls Brataas are behind Douchebags, which is a series of bags designed for people on the move who travel with a lot of baggage and equipment. Prior to the production of the first bags, including The Hugger, The Big Bastard, and The Douchebag, they interviewed 150 skiers, snowboarders, surfers, airline handling staff and the Norwegian military to define every little detail that makes traveling with a heavy load of valuable luggage easy, stylish and secure. Finally, they took the concept to Norway's technology and natural science university and an award-winning designer, which came up with the recipe for making a bag that was sold out during the first two months of the company. In Packyard you will always find a wide selection of Douchebags and we are proud to present the latest limited J.O. camo edition collection of bags, which is is a tribute to the rebel, the adventurer, the game changer who co-founded the Douchebags company - Jon Olsson.


The year is 2009, and the Douchebags journey is about to start. The young Norwegian student Truls Brataas is surfing with a group of friends off the West coast of Norway, when further out in the waves, he recognizes a surfer with a familiar face. Paddling out to say hi, Truls realizes that it is the face of the pioneer and legendary Swedish twin-tip skier Jon Olsson.
Truls and Jon quickly start talking, and before long they have uncovered a strong and mutual passion for traveling the world in search of epic skiing. However, they both also relate to the same painful luggage problems when traveling with a bunch of ski gear. The more they talk about bulky bags, heavy carrying, and expensive overweight charges, the more they realize that something is not right. As Truls recalls, “we felt that something was inherently wrong with the stark contrast between our love for the sport and the pain of bringing the necessary gear".
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