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Janni Parts x Douchebags. New bag series for girls

The Petit - New model in the Douchebags universe

For Janni, who practically lives in a bag as she constantly travels around the world, it has been a dream to be able to design her very own bag collection. With the Douchebags X Janni collection, Janni has shifted the focus a little away from the classic sporty and boyish Douchebags expression and created a new collection that works just as well for girls as for guys. The fresh color, along with the copper details, works with any style, boy or girl, and looks really fresh and good.

With the new Douchebags X Janni collection also comes a brand new bag; Douchebags The Petit. Douchebags The Petit is a small backpack with fine details such as a detachable chain. The Petit is the perfect size for a day in the city and you can easily find room for your camera, wallet, passport and a shirt or whatever you need to take with you.