on the occasion of Stan Ray's 50th anniversary, they have produced a collection of exclusive products to commemorate 50 years since the brand was founded. Using 'deadstock' fabrics found at Stan Ray's factory in Crockett, Texas, Stan Ray has created unique interpretations of three classic models: the OG Painter Pants (using photo stalk and Realtree fabric), the Tote Bag and their 4 Pocket Jacket .

stan ray trousers

The fabric was originally made back in the 1980s - in the early days of modern hunting camouflage, when hunters were moving away from "classic" military designs to create their own patterns to suit their environment. Tiger stripes might have worked in the dense jungles of Asia, but it didn't offer much camouflage for hunters hiding in the forests of North America—so new ideas were needed.

REALTREE - "Family, Friends, and the Outdoors"

A new idea was Realtree - a camouflage first sketched out by archer Bill Jordan while sitting in his parents' backyard. Inspired by an old oak tree, patterned twigs and leaves lay over a background of bark - mimicking the 3D nature of a real forest. Although this intricate pattern would have been difficult to print a decade earlier, advances in technology meant that Jordan's designs could be applied to all sorts of surfaces.

stan ray cross-cut

The success of the Realtree paved the way for countless other specialized hunting camos—each designed to "hide" in a specific version of the American wilderness, from arid deserts to humid riverbanks. Faded Sage was created for grouse hunters, while Photostalk was a photorealistic woodland camo for deer stalkers. Both parts are almost impossible to come by these days, so Stan Ray couldn't get his arms down when they came across our old stuff - and it only made sense to make use of it.

All made in the USA - in the same factory where Stan Ray used to work with these fabrics all those years ago - these pieces are ideal for those looking to blend into the landscape...or stand out in the city . Due to the deadstock nature of these items, these pieces are very limited, so if you're after a serious piece of camouflage, don't hang around.

stan ray cross-cut

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