Numbers, letters, words? Everything has a meaning and a meaning.. and thus a story.

This story starts in 1981, when Newline founder Helge Petersen, during his time in the Jægerkorpset, hangs in a parachute between heaven and earth one day and ponders why his clothes are wet while the parachute cracks. Helge's journey within active wear starts right there, and three decades later HALO is a tribute to Helge and Newline's history.

HALO – High Altitude, Low Opening

One of two skydiving techniques in which the skydiver opens his parachute at low altitude after a period of free fall. HELLO. A method the military uses from a transport aircraft to deliver military personnel, military equipment and other supplies.

HALO offers innovative, high-quality design with strong inspiration from the Jægerkorpset. The design is timeless, robust and relevant season after season. HALO is created for passionate and confident individuals for whom exercise is a dedicated and holistic lifestyle. Wearing HALO is a conscious choice and, above all, a personal statement.

halo newline campaign image

ATW – Aalborg Tactical Wing

The name of the building where the special forces' parachutes are repaired and approved at Aalborg Airport. The parachutes are made of nylon, and all ATW styles from HALO are tech-wear made of synthetic, dry-fit materials.

newline halo behind the scenes

223 – Building 223 at Air Force Base Aalborg

This is where the responsible rigger who packs the parachutes' workshop belongs. Building 223 is also home to the training of soldiers who will carry out air missions for the armed units.

HALO brings functionality and urban aesthetics to the next level - strongly inspired by the Danish Jægerkorps.

The silhouettes are masculine, minimalistic and purposeful Scandinavian first movers that cultivate individuality and multi-functionality.

halo jacket black

FUT – Physical Education and Training

A military abbreviation for the original training program that many soldiers have trained time and time again in the military.

The special operations forces are the military elite and this is therefore extremely selective, just as the competition for admission is fierce. It is extremely demanding, both mentally and physically, to participate in the selection process and become an elite soldier. Only about 10% make it through and become full members of the corps.

video stills halo by newline

HALO is strength, precision and functionality – tailored for the determined athlete who does not see training as a hobby, but a way of life. The dedicated sports person who sets high standards for himself and has a true passion for being active.

newline fleece and halo cap

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