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Gloves & mittens from Elmer

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Gloves & mittens from Elmer

At Packyard, we are proud to present the brand-new autumn and winter collection from Elmer by Swany, which contains all our favorite gloves in new, crisp colors. Of course, we have also got a restock of the popular bestsellers.

Elmer by Swany's Story

Elmer by Swany has a history dating back to the 19th century, when a craftsman named Elmer Little moved to Gloversville, USA, where he created his own company, Elmer Little & Sons. The combination of high-quality deer leather and a sense of detail quickly paved the way for Elmer Little's success, and the company quickly became one of America's leading glove makers.

shepard gloves

Today, Elmer has teamed up with the Japanese company Swany, which has built on the tradition and the craft. Elmer by Swany produces gloves, fused by the Japanese aesthetic with a sense of fashion and outdoor, along with the traditional American craft. The AW21 collection offers both classic leather gloves, windproof nylon, waterproof membranes and other technological materials that help keep your hands warm over the winter - and of course always completely aligned with your style!

The AW21 collection - Gloves in leather, down, nylon, GORETEX etc.

Elmer by Swany leather gloves, warm down, windproof nylon, and water-repellent GORETEX keep your hands warm in all weather conditions. Whether it is a snowball fight in the park, a bike ride through the city in the rain, or just a walk with the dog and a cup of coffee in hand, Elmer by Swany has what you need in terms of keeping those fingers warm.

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Restock on Elmer's bestsellers

Autumn is upon us, and winter is knocking on the door. We can already feel that bike ride to work calls for warmer hands, just like the walk and talk has also started to give cool fingers.

At Packyard, we make sure you have the best conditions to keep your hands warm with Elmer's bestsellers. The popular shapes and colors are back and you will find the selection here.

Meet the editorial staff's top 3 Elmer by Swany gloves


naka blue orange from Elmer

The Elmer Naka City 2 glove is lightweight, windproof and touch screen compatible, so they work on any screen, making it easy for you to send messages and make calls. You can even choose to use them as either mittens or gloves, depending on what you need! They are made of recycled polyester and come in different crisp shades, so they fit seamlessly into any wardrobe.

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shepard gloves from Elmer

Teddy Wool Pile gloves and mittens with ribbed cuffs keep your hands warm and add a soft outdoor look to your style. Sota and Miyo from Elmer by Swany come in calm earthy tones and are compatible with touch screens, so you do not have to expose your fingers to the cold when ordering take-away for you and your friends while walking the dog.



kosuku mittens from Elmer

Withstand what you cannot avoid with GORE-TEX waterproof / breathable inserts that help insulate against the cold winter days. Keep connected to your phone on the go with class-leading touch screen compatibility to answer messages and tweets without taking off the gloves. Soft, adjustable wrist closures are the cherry on top!



If you want functional gloves where the quality is not to be mistaken and the design is aesthetically, carefully thought out, then you do not need to look much further. Elmer by Swany is the right choice and purchase. You will not regret it.