What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of code that is stored on your computer, phone or tablet when you surf the Internet. Cookies have many uses, but they are basically used to save information about the user's behavior on the web, or to ensure that a page or solution works technically. A cookie is not dangerous, as it is a passive file that cannot spread computer viruses or other harmful programs. It helps to analyze how the website is used so that the web editor can improve the user experience. In several cases, cookies may be necessary to provide a service.

Cookies are sent back and forth between your browser and a web server and can tell, for example:

If you are logged in.
Which products you have in the basket.
How you click around the website.

Which cookies do Packyard.dk use

The purpose of the cookies that Packyard.dk uses is to provide a better user experience. The cookies that Packyard.dk uses do not contain any personal information. In short, Krema.dk uses cookies for statistics, technology and to ensure a good, easy and understandable user experience for the users of Packyard.dk. Please also note that your acceptance of cookies only applies to Packyard.dk and not to other pages.

Session cookie

In order for you to use Packyard.dk, a number of temporary session cookies are stored on your Mac/PC. This type of cookie is called "Packyard_session" and is set to expire and delete itself.

Web analytics cookie

In order to constantly improve your overall experience of Packyard.dk, we continuously collect anonymized statistics to measure how you use Packyard.dk. The cookie contains a randomly generated ID that can recognize your browser when you load a page. The cookie contains no personal information and is only used for web analysis.

User info cookie

In order for you to add products to the basket at a given time and come back later and continue your purchase, Packyard.dk saves temporary user info cookies on your Mac/PC. The various cookies are set to delete themselves after a given period. However, you can delete the saved cookies at any time.

Cookies for competitions and questionnaire surveys

In the case of online competitions and questionnaire surveys, a cookie is stored to remember whether you have refused to participate in the survey or whether you have already completed it.

You do not have to accept cookies on Packyard.dk

You can use Packyard.dk without accepting cookies - however, there will always be a cookie that registers your choice. If you block the use of cookies from Packyard.dk or third parties, there will be certain functions that you cannot use.

Third party cookies

On Packyard.dk, third-party cookies are used to collect user statistics, make payments, etc. If you block the use of third-party cookies, there will be necessary functions that you cannot use.

How to delete cookies

If you want to delete individual cookies or all the cookies that your browser has saved, you must under internet settings in your browser, select advanced cookie settings and add Packyard.dk to the list of websites you want to block cookies from. If you set your browser to reject cookies, however, you must be aware that there may be functions that do not work.

Instructions for deleting cookies from the most common browsers can be found here: