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Marcelo Vieira x Db Journey

Marcelo Vieira X Db journey

Former Real Madrid left back Marcelo Vieira teams up with startup Scandinavian outdoor brand Db to launch his second collection designed in collaboration with the Brazilian icon.

The limited Marcelo Vieira edition features nine products for short trips, including a new one — A custom made Travel Organizer — made for all those essentials we don’t want to stuff into overhead lockers or under our seats when going from A to B. For Vieira, a 4-time UEFA Champions League winner it’s basically the ultimate pre-game bag, whether “game” means going to the champions league finals or heading for a short trip with only your essentials.

The campaign, titled Create your own luck explores Marcelos relationship with routines and products he surrounds himself with to ensure the minute he steps foot on the pitch nothing is left to chance. This full collection comes in all black with just a kiss of that good-luck purple. The purple color is taken straight fromf his lucky wristband that he carries every game, touching it for luck.

“I’m excited to work with brands who find the crossover between sport and design,” said Vieira, “and this collection is a fun way to start making the kind of products that I go to everyday.”

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