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Outdoor products of the highest quality

Filson is an American outdoor brand that was established in 1897 in Seattle, USA. At the time, the nature-rich area of ​​Washington was inhabited by miners who demanded the highest quality workwear that could withstand even the toughest tasks. CC Filson, the founder of the American outdoor brand, opened a local store, and since then Filson has become world-renowned for their always high quality products in the form of Clothes & Bags. Here in Denmark, Filson is best known for their bags, but in fact the clothes have become more and more popular in recent years.

At Packyard we also enjoy nature and being outdoors, which is why we have chosen to carry the brand Filson, which with slogans like "Unfailing Goods" & "Might as well, have the best" guarantee our customers a better experience in nature. Find a great selection of bags from the Nylon Ripstop series, as well as jackets, shirts and t-shirts.