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Db Strøm 30L

The collaboration between Db and Marcus Kleveland builds The Strøm 30L model and has been modified to give it that Kleveland look and feel. The material is made of waxed fabric as is well known from The Gneiss Edition, and has been sprinkled with black and white details to make it stand out. You will find the top pocket covered with (soft) velcro for the patches to be attached to.

"The Patches"

The velcro-lined top pocket is a canvas so you can place the patches as you like them. What's on them? Oh, just the places and things that have made Marcus the snowboarder he is today.

  • Knuckle Huck - Tricket perfektioneret af Marcus.
  • Påmfri - Local slang for french fries, with reference to the fries served at the local ski resort.
  • Knuckle Huck - The trick perfected by Marcus.
  • Laussjogg - Dombås slang for pillows snow.