Douchebags become Db

When dreams come true, development and change follow. Douchebags, as we know them, still deliver the best, top quality bags for exactly your needs - Now under a new name that reflects the evolution and invites you to use your imagination.

When Douchebags came up with the name Douchebags nearly a decade ago, it built on a common foundation that the name was fun and a name you remembered. Over recent years, however, the name has become less funny and less ironic than when they started. The word has simply become everyday. That is why they have now chosen to change their name to Db. It is still the same strong team behind the brand, and still the same good quality bags that Douchebags is known for. But to take Db to an even higher level, the name can now reflect the exciting evolution they are going through.

What does Db mean?

But what does Db actually mean? Here it will be fun, because you decide that entirely yourself! Db can mean both Deliciousbagel and Douchebags – or what about Dreambig? Limited only by imagination. Db's community has always been highly committed, involved and has had something to say in relation to the way Db has moved to become the sharp brand they are today. Db's community came up with the name Douchebags, and it is therefore only natural that we all join Db's new journey. At Packyard, the journey therefore naturally also continues with Db - still with a large selection of backpacks such as The Backpack & The Hugger, travel bags such as Little Bastard & Big Bastard , weekend bags such as the new delicious The Sidekick 50L , and well-known models such as The Carryall .

Mikkel Sørensen