The North Face Futurelight™


The North Face has been making big dreams in the outdoors for more than 50 years. They have done this by disrupting the industry and pushing boundaries for product innovation. And FUTURELIGHT ™ is the next chapter of the stored legacy. The North Face FUTURELIGHT was born in the mountains due to specific requests from The North Face global athletic team seeking increased performance and breathability in their waterproof clothing. FUTURELIGHT is the new type of technology that is ending this quest.


The North Face uses a production method called nanospinning. Nanospinning creates nano-sized fibers that allow superior air permeability while maintaining waterproofness. Nanospinning combined with a unique lamination process attaches these fibers to the material without compromising on sustainability, breathability, waterproofness or durability. Ultimately, they had created a revolutionary process and an innovative fabric that can be customized to meet every athlete’s needs. FUTURELIGHT hereby changes the requirements we make for sustainable and technical ski and expedition clothing.

the north face futurelight series

Setting new standards for waterproof clothes!

Waterproof: FUTURELIGHT is designed to perform in all kinds of weather. In developing this revolutionary material, The North Face has worked with an independent third party named UL, a world-renowned, independent security science company with more than 120 years of expertise in the exchange of technical materials and membranes. The results unequivocally showed that The North Face has created a new standard in waterproof outerwear – nothing less than a revolution in technical outerwear. It is innovative waterproof, independently certified.

Breathable: The North Face FUTURELIGHT is made using over 200,000 small nozzles that create an ultra-thin layer called a nanomembrane. This nanomembrane ensures that an unprecedented amount of air can transport through the fabric while all water is kept out.

The North Face FutureLight

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Tested under the world’s most extreme conditions.


Soft: The FUTURELIGHT material is designed with different weave structures, making it extremely thin, fine and soft – not stiff and crunchy as we know it from classic shell jackets and shell trousers. Without compromising on the durability and durable qualities of the material, the North Face with FUTURELIGHT has created the most breathable and waterproof fabric with the softest structure on the market

Durable: FUTURELIGHT’s breathable and waterproof technology has been tested by The North Face’s team of elite mountaineers as well as ski and snowboard athletes under the most extreme conditions on Earth. FUTURELIGHT has been on top of Mt. Everest as well as being tested on the first ever skier to turn a swing over the legendary Lhotse – the world’s highest mountain (8516m) on the Tibet-China border.

Sustainable: The North Face’s overriding philosophy and responsibility is to minimize its environmental footprint and maximize product performance. And with the FUTURELIGHT project, it’s no different. The North Face uses recycled materials, non-fluorinated DWR and production partners with a shared commitment to sustainability, responsible production and eco-driven innovation. From start to finish, The North Face has created a new sustainable material that will shape the outdoor life of the future. It is the largest product innovation effort ever at The North Face. It is an athlete idea that has come to fruition – moving the outdoor environment worldwide and making the globe a better place.

The North Face FutureLight