douchebags desert khaki

Douchebags Desert Khaki

Douchebags Desert Khaki is the latest shot on the stock of colors available from douchebags. According to douchebags, Desert Khaki represents “staying away” in the unknown, but at the same time feeling most alive while exploring. Desert Khaki is also inspired by the desert and its color, and is at the same time a tribute to the many explorers who have crossed the deserts of the world! Douchebags Desert Khaki comes with the new EVA front in classic models such as The Backpack, The Scholar, The Carryall and Explorer!

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Khaki has always been used as a camouflage, which is understandable when you see the color, and is a color that is as good on the street as a contrast to all kinds of outfits. In addition to the classic models, we can also present the new model The Backpack Pro!