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Wheeled luggage from Db

Db´'s philosophy is to redefine the way we travel via function-driven details that make it easier to pack your travel bag and transport your belongings in an easy and safe way. In packyard's range of lightweight travel bags, 60-liter travel bags and 90-liter travel bags which are ideal for everything from the weekend trip in a holiday home to longer journeys by plane, bus, car and train. Travel bags with room for 60 liters of luggage are very suitable for flights within Europe, where there is usually a 20-kilo max. at check-in. If you are going on longer trips, or if you need extra space for luggage, it is a travel bag with room for 90 liters of space that you must ensure. When you fill up a 90-liter travel bag, you can get up close to 30 kg.