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Trampas - A "Mestari is born"

Trampas - A "Mestari is born"

Back in the mid-1960s, running shoes were limited, and "training shoes" did not exist. There were studded shoes for training and competition, but no shoes to warm up, cool down in. Athletics required a shoe they could do their daily training runs in, based on the need Karhu developed Trampas. Trampas had a host of new features at the time, including arch support and padding in the heel collar to protect the Achilles heel. Trampas became the standard shoe for Finnish Olympic athletes, and eventually, due to its popularity, 20 American colleges followed suit. Among them were major athletics schools such as the University of Oregon, BYU, and Minnesota. Trampas was produced in two versions; an athletic with the iconic M logo and a logo-free version for casual wear with leather lining.

You might be wondering what the meaning behind the m-logo is? It comes from the Finnish Mestari which comes from the Finnish word for Mester!

A Cowboy named Trampas

You might be wondering how Karhu came up with the name Trampas? Which is a good story, according to Karhus' old sales manager, Karhu employees in the early 60s were huge fans of the American TV series "The Virginian." One of their favorites was a cowboy named Trampas and quite by chance the name Trampas is reminiscent of the Finnish "Trampata", which in Finnish means to march or stomp. It all went up in a higher unit and the Karhu team continued with the name Trampas which ended up being Karhus first training shoe.